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Public Information Statement

Statement as of 1:51 PM CDT on July 26, 2014

... NWS damage survey for 07/21/14 tornado event in Polk and
Red Lake County MN...

A large scale Bow-echo type squall line moved across northeast North
Dakota and northwest Minnesota during the evening of 21 July 2014. A
tornado formed on the apex of this squall line and moved from
southwest Polk County Minnesota into southwest Red Lake County. The
tornado itself was likely wrapped in heavy rain and more widespread
damaging downburst winds. The tornado track itself was evidenced by
the presence of more extreme damage and an apparent lofting and
throwing of debris. In addition... several rural residents and a few
eye-witnesses noted the apparent roar of the storm along with its
brief and catastrophic impacts.

.Tornado 1...

Rating: EF-2
estimated peak wind: 120 mph
path length /statute/: 41 miles
path width /maximum/: 800 yards
fatalities: 0
injuries: 0

Start date: July 21 2014
start time: around 852 PM CDT
start location: approx. 4 miles WNW of Eldred
start lat/lon: 47.70n/-96.86w (est.)

End date: July 21 2014
end time: by 938 PM CDT
end location: approx. 10 miles ESE Red Lake Falls
end_lat/lon: 47.86n/-96.05w (est.)

This narrative is amended for additional track information collected
on July 22.

The team first examined an area starting in Roome township... near
Eldred... and continuing east northeast through Crookston and
Gentilly... into Northern Lake pleasant township in southwest Red
Lake County. The team returned on July 22 to follow up on
additional information that was received late on July 21st. The
additional investigation covered the Terrebonne... Gervais... Poplar
River and Emardville townships. The tornado track is extended 10
miles making the total tornado track length approximately 37 miles.

In general... damage included numerous snapped power poles... snapped
or uprooted trees as well as significant roof damage to residential
and farm structures along the path.

At the Point of initial touchdown the tornado caused significant
damage to a large... modern equipment shed removing sections of the
roof and imploding one of the main doors. Several miles east
northeast a 1.5 mile string of dual pole/cross-beam high tension
power lines were toppled... consistent with low end EF2 tornadic
winds. Damage to nearby farmsteads include numerous uprooted and
partially denuded trees.

Just south of Crookston a line of 17 /empty/ tanker style rail cars
were rolled on their side while a couple very large steel grain bins
were blown out leaving piles of grain on the ground.

Damage was widespread across the Crookston area... with the most
extreme damages apparent across the southern third of the city. To
the east of Crookston significant damage to several shelter belts
was noted along and just north of Polk County 11 and west of the Red
Lake river. Several farm storage buildings experienced significant
roof damage along the same path.

Damage was observed across the community of Gentilly with damage
to several large shelter belts up to one half mile northwest of
Gentilly. This damage path continued into the western portions
of the Lake Pleasant township of Red Lake County.

Farmsteads located about 4 miles SSW of Red Lake Falls had damages
which included total loss of out-buildings... a large Boxelder tree
lofted into the side of one house and numerous hardwoods trees that
were partially denuded. Prior to seeking shelter... one eyewitness
observed the tornado about 1 mile west of his Farmstead.

The tornado track continue on to the east-northeast leaving a
narrow yet discernible track through shelterbelts. At one point
approximately 3 miles NW of Terrebonne... damage consistent with low
end EF2 tornadic winds... was observed. At one Farmstead a well built
and anchored garage was lofted and destroyed... while at a nearby
Farmstead 5 empty grain bins were torn off their foundation. One bin
was tumbled over 1/2 mile while a 5th bin has yet to be found.

Throughout the intermittent tornado track... numerous rural power
poles were bent or snapped at the base. The tornadic damage path
ended about midway between Plummer and Brooks... roughly a mile
west of US Highway 59.

Ef scale: the Enhanced Fujita scale classifies
tornadoes into the following categories.

EF0... weak... ... 65 to 85 mph
EF1... weak... ... 86 to 110 mph
EF2... strong... .111 to 135 mph
EF3... strong... .136 to 165 mph
EF4... violent... 166 to 200 mph
EF5... violent... >200 mph*

the information in this statement is preliminary and subject to
change pending final review of the event and publication in
NWS storm data.

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